Getting home

We are writing this final message from the comfort of home, where we don’t have to squint at a rather small netbook screen. We arrived, tired but happy, about 10.30pm yesterday evening, 22 or so hours after setting off from Taichung at 8am, gaining an extra 8 hours of Monday in the process.

Jimmy and Corinne kindly came to the airport to see us off, but the farewells were suddenly unexpectedly quick, as Cathay Pacific told us that our booked flight was delayed, so we’d miss our connection in Hong Kong, but they could fast-track us onto one in 20 minutes if we wanted that. We were escorted through the formalities super fast by Madamoiselle Cathay Pacific, who blagged us into the front of every queue. How’s that for service! And we were not the last on to the flight.

We’d been booked into Business Class for the return journey. Oooh what a difference  – you can really lie down! Even the alphorn had its own place to stretch out.

The Alphorn lying in state

Very attentive stewardesses attending to our every whim, complimentary food and drink in the comfortable transfer lounge. And we were in the upper deck so we went higher than if we’d been in Economy. We have been made to feel like royalty for much of this trip. Back to normality now!

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